Twelve Literary Arts is an inter-generational teaching, learning, and professional development incubator for poets, writers, and performance artists who seek a safe space to write in the middle of Cleveland's inner city. Our 501(c)(3) organization supports, develops, and creates a community of writers and performers who share the desire to create literary works with an emphasis on imagination and social justice. The youth and adults of Twelve Literary Arts are inspired to bring poetry and writing to the people.

The mission of Twelve Literary Arts is to bring performance poetry to public spaces, while supporting poets and writers of all ages with programming, professional development, and brave spaces to dream, write, and teach into reality a world of social justice and equity.   

Named after James Baldwin, one of modern literature’s most notable African American writers, Baldwin House is a three-month-long writing residency for adult poets and writers of color residing in NE Ohio to begin new projects or bring current projects to completion. Baldwin House writers meet once per week for two months with a lead writing instructor. The remaining month of the residency provides independent time for residents to work with a professional writing mentor from outside of Northeast Ohio. Baldwin House residents have worked with such writers as Hanif Abdurraqib, Jessica Care Moore, Marwa Helal, Roger Bonair-Agard among others. 

Baldwin House writers-in-residence are also provided with a $350 stipend at the completion of at least seven of the eight workshopping sessions. 

The Winter/Spring Baldwin House residency opens with a dinner on February 2, 2019. During this introductory dinner, residents will meet one another and their lead facilitator, and decide the best day(s) of the week to host the weekly residency. 

The Winter/Spring writing facilitator is poet and Anisfield-Wolf Fellow in Writing and Editing, Leila Chatti. 

Mandatory Submission Requirements:

Submissions should include the following:

  • Brief description of what the applicant plans to work on during the residency period
  • Work sample (no more than 10 pages of written text and no more than five minutes of audio or video text).

Twelve Literary Arts